Our Services

Today, Durrar has become a milestone in the field of support services and building media outlets, as it excels with the results of its projects by coming up with the best solutions, attention to detail, quality and professionalism.


Media Facilities Constructions

Studio Design and Architectural Acoustics

Audio/Video Solutions

Media production

The emergence of our media partners is our focus, so we provide support at every step from the beginning of the idea stage to implementation and processing until a perfection, integrated work is produced that matches the renewable market arguments.

Visual and audio production

Content Writing

3D Animation

Media Facilities Constructions

Dorar Since 2013 are at lead of media facilities construction, including isolation and acoustic treatment

Building theaters and halls

Isolation and treatment of audio and video studios

The implementation of distributions and channels

Sound treatment for public places

Installing and operating audio and video systems

Studio Design and Architectural Acoustics

With the expertise of qualified technical cadres and engineers with more than 15 years of experience, we are interested in implementing projects of a distinct and unique nature. In addition to studies and tests based on facilities and their treatment.

Acoustic consultiation

Acoustic tests and measurments

Designing audio/video systems

Sound Proof and Acoustic Treatmen

Architectural design of media facilities

Audio/Video Solutions

The essence of our products is to provide convenient, highly professional audio and video solutions. We are interested in choosing the right equipment and devices to meet the needs and requirements of our partners in proportion to the available capabilities.

Retail sale


Systems design and installation


Technical Support